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Job TitleReq. IDTime BaseDepartmentDate PostedApplication Deadline 
Audit, Tax, and Accounting Information Systems - Tenure-Track Positions 9714BRFull-TimeMCBE- Accounting07/10/2017Open Until Filled
Business Communication Lecturer - Non Tenure-Track 10061BRFull-TimeMCBE- Marketing12/15/201703/01/2018
Child/Adolescent Development - Tenure-Track 9766BRFull-TimeHHD- Child & Adolescent Studies07/31/2017Open Until Filled
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Tenure-Track 9936BRFull-TimeECS- Civil Engineering09/27/2017Open Until Filled
Communicative Disorders - Tenure-Track 9691BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communication Sciences and Disorders06/29/2017Open Until Filled
Computer Science - Tenure-Track Positions 9934BRFull-TimeECS- Computer Science09/22/2017Open Until Filled
Critical Prison Studies/Carceral Studies - Tenure-Track 9785BRFull-TimeHSS- Afro-Ethnic Studies08/02/2017Open Until Filled
Decision Sciences - Tenure-Track 9421BRFull-TimeMCBE- ISDS07/24/2017Open Until Filled
Director, Athletic Training Program - Tenure-Track 9625BRFull-TimeHHD- Kinesiology and Health06/20/2017Open Until Filled
Director, School of Music - Tenured 9734BRFull-TimeARTS- Music09/20/2017Open Until Filled
Doctorate in Nurse Practice - Tenure-Track 9910BRFull-TimeHHD- Nursing09/27/2017Open Until Filled
Education Specialist - Tenure-Track 9886BRFull-TimeEDUC - Special Education09/09/2017Open Until Filled
Educational Leadership/P-12 Programs - Tenure-Track 9905BRFull-TimeEDUC - Educational Leadership09/22/2017Open Until Filled
Environmental/Occupational Health and Safety - Tenure-Track 9712BRFull-TimeHHD-Health Science07/10/2017Open Until Filled
Epistemology - Tenure-Track 9913BRFull-TimeHSS- Philosophy09/20/2017Open Until Filled
Latino Communications - Full-Time Lecturer 9713BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communications08/03/2017Open Until Filled
Latinx Community Health - Tenure-Track 9909BRFull-TimeHHD- Nursing09/27/2017Open Until Filled
Lighting/Projection Design - Tenure-Track 9951BRFull-TimeARTS- Theatre and Dance11/15/2017Open Until Filled
Linguistics - Tenure-Track 9757BRFull-TimeHSS- English, Comparative Literature and Linguistics07/27/2017Open Until Filled
Literacy Curriculum and Assessment - Tenure-Track 9656BRFull-TimeEDUC - Literacy and Reading Education06/21/2017Open Until Filled
Mechanical Engineering - Tenure-Track 9895BRFull-TimeECS- Mechanical Engineering09/18/2017Open Until Filled
Public Relations - Tenure-Track 9696BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communications07/17/2017Open Until Filled
Reference & Instruction Part-Time Temporary Assistant Librarians - 12 Month Contract, Renewable 10081BRPart-TimeUniversity Library- Administration12/14/2017Open Until Filled
Religious Studies - Tenure-Track 9942BRFull-TimeHSS- Religious Studies09/26/2017Open Until Filled
Sculpture / 3-D Design - Tenure-Track 9950BRFull-TimeARTS- Art11/20/2017Open Until Filled
Social Work - Tenure-Track 9833BRFull-TimeHHD-Social Work08/14/2017Open Until Filled
Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages (TESOL) - Tenure-Track 9629BRFull-TimeHSS-Modern Languages and Literature06/12/2017Open Until Filled
Women's Health Care - Tenure-Track 9911BRFull-TimeHHD- Nursing09/27/2017Open Until Filled