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Job TitleReq. IDTime BaseDepartmentDate PostedApplication Deadline 
Accounting Information Systems - Tenure-Track Positions 10443BRFull-TimeMCBE- Accounting06/14/2018Open Until Filled
Applied Communications Research - Tenure-Track 10537BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communications07/17/2018Open Until Filled
Applied Trumpet - Tenure-Track 10877BRFull-TimeARTS- Music11/28/2018Open Until Filled
Art Education - Tenure-Track 10869BRFull-TimeARTS- Art12/03/2018Open Until Filled
Assistant or Associate Professor - Tenure-Track 10575BRFull-TimeHHD-Social Work07/31/2018Open Until Filled
Chemical Education Research - Tenure-Track 10699BRFull-TimeNSM- Chemistry and Biochemistry09/14/2018Open Until Filled
Civil and Environmental Engineering - Tenure-Track 10477BRFull-TimeECS- Civil Engineering07/31/2018Open Until Filled
Co-Director of Forensics - Tenure-Track 10722BRFull-TimeCOMM- Human Communication Studies10/08/2018Open Until Filled
Collection Development and Management Librarian - Tenure-Track 10898BRFull-TimeUniversity Library- Administration12/04/2018Open Until Filled
Communication Sciences and Disorders Clinical Educator - Full Time Lecturer 10866BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communication Sciences and Disorders11/16/2018Open Until Filled
Communicative Disorders - Tenure-Track 10419BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communication Sciences and Disorders06/05/2018Open Until Filled
Computer Science - Tenure-Track 10589BRFull-TimeECS- Computer Science08/08/2018Open Until Filled
Counselor/Crisis Interventionist Tenure-Track 12 Month 10914BRFull-TimeStudent Health and Counseling Center12/13/2018Open Until Filled
Dance - Tenure-Track 10560BRFull-TimeARTS- Theatre and Dance08/02/2018Open Until Filled
Director of Opera Studies - Tenure-Track 10878BRFull-TimeARTS- Music11/28/2018Open Until Filled
Director School of Nursing Tenured 10935BRFull-TimeHHD-School of Nursing12/17/201802/28/2019
Electronic Resources Librarian - Tenure-Track 10712BRFull-TimeUniversity Library- Administration09/24/2018Open Until Filled
Entertainment Industry Specialist - Tenure-Track 10538BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communications07/17/2018Open Until Filled
Epistemology - Tenure-Track 10453BRFull-TimeHSS- Philosophy06/14/2018Open Until Filled
Graphic and Interacitve Design - Tenure-Track 10868BRFull-TimeARTS- Art12/03/2018Open Until Filled
Health Disparities/Health Equity - Tenure-Track 10495BRFull-TimeHHD-Public Health07/03/2018Open Until Filled
Human Services - Tenure-Track 10713BRFull-TimeHHD- Human Services09/24/2018Open Until Filled
Informaton Systems - Tenure-Track 10511BRFull-TimeMCBE- ISDS07/20/2018Open Until Filled
International Economics/Macroeconomics - Tenure-Track 10719BRFull-TimeMCBE- Economics10/03/2018Open Until Filled
Journalism & Digital Media - Tenure-Track 10539BRFull-TimeCOMM- Communications07/17/2018Open Until Filled
Mechanical Engineering - Tenure-Track 10472BRFull-TimeECS- Mechanical Engineering06/21/2018Open Until Filled
Mental Health and Substance Abuse - Tenure-Track 10703BRFull-TimeHHD-Public Health10/12/2018Open Until Filled
Mental Health Counselor/Crisis Intervention Counselor - Non Tenure-Track 10469BRFull-TimeStudent Health and Counseling Center06/25/2018Open Until Filled
Muticultural Psychology - Tenure-Track 10505BRFull-TimeHSS- Psychology07/03/2018Open Until Filled
Nursing - Tenure-Track 10822BRFull-TimeHHD-School of Nursing11/21/2018Open Until Filled
Nursing Leadership - Tenure-Track 10823BRFull-TimeHHD-School of Nursing11/21/2018Open Until Filled
Open Educational Resources Librarian - Tenure-Track 11059BRFull-TimeUniversity Library- Administration02/13/201903/15/2019
Organizational Communication - Tenure-Track 10813BRFull-TimeCOMM- Human Communication Studies10/29/2018Open Until Filled
Pedagogy/Teacher Education - Tenure-Track 10730BRFull-TimeHHD- Kinesiology09/27/2018Open Until Filled
Political Theory - Tenure-Track 10688BRFull-TimeHSS-Political Admin & Justice09/10/2018Open Until Filled
Secondary Education-Assessment Emphasis - Tenure-Track 10686BRFull-TimeEDUC - Secondary Education09/24/2018Open Until Filled
Sexual Assult Counselor Tenure-Track 12 Month 10912BRFull-TimeStudent Health and Counseling Center12/13/2018Open Until Filled
Teacher Education / K-8 Curriculum & Instruction with a Specialization in Mathematics Education - Tenure-Track 10493BRFull-TimeEDUC - Elementary and Bilingual Education07/13/2018Open Until Filled
Tectonophysicist - Tenure-Track 10499BRFull-TimeNSM- Geological Sciences07/03/2018Open Until Filled
Theatre History/Dramatic Literature - Tenure-Track 10561BRFull-TimeARTS- Theatre and Dance08/02/2018Open Until Filled